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Just in time for Avocados! Are you having a fancy dress competition in your kid’s school, or a themed party for Halloween? If so, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our hundreds of avocado costumes and accessories. Find fancy avocado costumes and its accessories at amazing discounts only from Costumesjoy. We have avocado costume belly, t-shirts, pendants, keychains, socks and many more along with the avocado cat and dog costumes. Avocado Costumes It’s common to wear a Fairy, a Dracula, or infinity war costumes; then why not wear this incredibly nutritious costume this time on Halloween? Avocado is rather a unique fruit right? With its powerful health benefits, kids can wear this costume as an inspiration to eat healthy. We have avocado kids costumes in variable sizes, even for babies. With 100% polyester foam, avocado costume gives you the comfort like never before.

Avocado Accessories- T-shirts, Socks, and Hats

We have beautiful Avocado t-shirts, pendants, socks and hats. We have tunics that are made to look like freshly sliced avocado. It’s almost the exact replica of the real ones. The soft and puffy avocado socks for kids and babies will make them the cutest of all. They have beautiful avocado prints on them. Avocado Hats We have avocado hats with a variety of different colors like pink, blue, peach, black, white, orange and many more with embroidery of avocado on them. Avocado hats would go amazing with both men and women. So, this Halloween, spread a message to eat healthier and live longer by wearing such food costumes. Conduct speeches regarding the benefits of avocado fruit in front of kids, inspire them to eat healthier from now itself.  Have a look at our super cute and squashy avocado pillow once and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying. Avocado T-Shirts They have this soft and furry material all around with a ball pit in between that mesmerizes you. You can even ask for a removable pit if you want to insert your head.

Buy Avocado Pendants and Dresses at Costumesjoy

You love wearing pendants on dresses, right? Then, why not try those cute, tiny avocado pendants on your beautiful dress huh? If you want to become more of avocado, then you can also buy cheap avocado print dress along with pendants. They have prints of avocado on them. Avocado Costume for Babies We also have avocado costumes for dogs and for cats as well. Give your little pets extra care, make them even cuter and adorable this Halloween or Christmas party. You can even make them wear on their birthdays. We have more pet costumes at our store. Have a look at them and buy at cheap prices. Use the coupon code “FB10” and get amazing discounts.