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Buy Jinx Cosplay Online

Jinx is another sexy character from the game world. Get stylish and sexy outfits and other accessories like long hair, braids, complete leather Cosplay suits, Christmas and Halloween costumes for college going girls and women as well. Get 35% discount on Jinx costumes and accessories.

Get jinxed being Jinx this Halloween

Jinx is another lovely character from the popular game from league of legends. She is an artillery class character who uses an arsenal of grenade launchers, fishbone rocket launcher, and a three-barrelled super Gatling gun. Just one good shot and her enemies are histories.


This Halloween we bring you a wide collection of Jinx costumes and accessories at costumesjoy. Get your goodies, transform your look and start a fan following this Halloween.

Jinx others with this bold Jinx costume

Ever dreamed of looking like your favorite game characters? Jinx or Ahri? Now you can look exactly like her with Jinx Costume at costumesjoy. She is sexy and brave female character of the artillery class from the increasingly popular League of Legends game. Show your brave look and look bold without huge collection of Jinx Costumes and accessories like long blue braids and wigs and boots. Get your hands on Jinx Costume and transform your style.


Start a commotion or just be the center of attraction and attention, this costume will do all the talking for you. Hangouts with loved ones and friends cannot get any better with this bold and comfortable outfit.

Jinx Cosplay for women and girls

Choose to come out of your favorite game and build up the huge fan following with Jinx Cosplay for women and girls. This costume is made up of polyester and is soft to the skin. Girls who are in their teens and women who love to dress up like powerful female characters can get their hands on this lovely outfit. Females love to dress and they dress to impress. Choose from a wide variety of jinx accessories like black boots and long blue braids and wigs.

League of Legends Jinx Costumes

Halloween is a time when people love to show off their dresses and costumes. Evolve from your ancient ways and transform your personality with these League of Legends Jinx Costumes. Gift these to someone you adore the most or just buy these for yourselves, you are bound to become a local celebrity. Make people log out of their games and pose for pictures with you. Make this Halloween count.