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Traditional Korean Costumes Dress

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Hanbok the traditional Korean costume

If you are looking for a traditional Korean costume, this is the right place! The traditional Korean costume is called ‘Hanbok’ and dates back to the 13th century. A Hanbok consists of two garments, the upper part consists of a blouse, shirt or a jacket which is called a jeogori. It is common in both the Korean men and Korean women dresses. However, when it comes to the bottom, the women wear a wrap-around skirt or a petticoat called Chima which is tied with the help of a belt. On the other hand, men wear Baji, loose-fitting trousers. A Hanbok is a semi-formal or formal Korean costume worn on special occasions such as ceremonies, festivals, and celebrations such as childbirth and marriages.

Korean Dresses for Kids

In women, the jeogori covers the upper bust and the Chima is voluminous. Traditionally, a Chima is either full or ankle length but in modern Korean dresses, knee-length Chima’s are also worn. Moreover, an array of Korean dresses for kids of all ages are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Hanbok is characterized by vibrant colors and a simple design. The colors used are mainly blue and red where the color blue symbolizes feminine energy and the color red, the masculine. However, pink, green and white colored Hanbok dressed is also very famous for kids and girls.


Traditional wedding Korean Dresses

The fabrics used are silk, polyester, and cotton which are mostly plain or are printed with delicate floral patterns, especially in the traditional wedding Korean dresses that have flowers embroidered on the front, back and the cuffs. In addition to the jeogori and Chima, the headdress called jokduri ( a small and hat like an accessory) is also an essential element of women formal Korean dresses.