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Get your hands on the Green Lantern Costume. Get your hands on Green Lantern complete body suit for adult males and kids. Green suit, gloves and face mask for kids and males at 40% discount.

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Beware his power the Green Lantern’s light

As we all know, Green Lantern is a character form the DC universe. The Power Ring grants incredible powers to the wearer by harnessing his will power. In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night; No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power: Green Lantern's light! This is most probably one of the favorite scenes from the movie where the character holds his Power Ring and summons his internal will power.

Green Lantern is a warrior from the Corps. Corps is a league of the world’s strongest warriors who fight an enemy known as Parallax. Green Lantern’s powers come from a ring he wears which grants him abilities according to his enhanced will power.

Best Green Lantern Costume Online

Ever wondered how you can be different than the green Hulk? Everyone loves Hulk but Green Lantern is distinctly popular character. Now get your hands on Green Lantern Costume at costumejoy and enjoy showing off your true colors.

The costume is made of spandex. It is a stretchable material used in designing clothing and costumes. Neither too tight nor too loose, it fits right in and gives you the look of Green Lantern. With this outfit you can show our will power and have fun with your friends and loved ones. It is a great costume to create beautiful memories with your family and neighbours.


DC Univers Green Lantern Mask

Mask is the elegant feature of this complete bodysuit and transforms your look from ordinary civilian to a super hero. The Green Lantern Mask is made of faux leather and will not get you those itchy red eyes. Pretty much comfortable and inexpensive, this mask will definitely add up to your looks. There is no completeness of a superhero costume without a mask. Get your hands on Cheap Green Lantern Mask and show off your true greens redefining your style this Halloween.

Cheap Green Lantern Costumes for Adults

Adults who love green color can now show off their style and transform their looks with this Green Lantern Costume for Adults. This costume is available in different sizes ranging from medium to large and plus size as well.


Women Green Lantern Costume transpires in different styles such as green t-shirts, while tops followed by short green skirts and the legendary Green Lantern Female complete bodysuit. For men, we have some pretty standard suits such as Green Lantern muscle costume and the Green Lantern cosplay suit.

Get your Hands On Green Lantern Costume for Kid

Kids are the main attraction of any special event and function. We all love to see them in different types of dresses and themed costumes. Get your hands on Green Lantern costumes for Kid and watch them jump out with joy. Fabricate beautiful memories with your toddlers and little ones and take them out for fun and enjoyment.


Toddlers and little kids are the main source or pure joy and now they can get the chance to be a superhero with this Green Lantern Costume for Kids. The ring is believed to choose its wearer and we at costumesjoy are giving you the chance to buy your favorite Green Lantern Costume online and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Show your true greens and defeat the Parallax of boredom and animosity this Halloween.