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Dark Knight Joker Costume

Get a chance to become the Legendary Prince of Crime, The Joker from Arkham Universe. Joker Costume includes a Purple suit, coat, green wig, and shoes for adults and kids and is available in different sizes. Avail up to 35% discount.

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Something about Joker

The arch nemesis of Batman, the Joker is an insane, homicidal supervillain from the Arkham Universe. His chalk white skin, green hair and blood red lips conceal his chaotic nature that underlay his cartoonish appearance. His costume is entirely what we have seen. The purple-colored suit is the joker costume. Joker wears a purple colored tuxedo. Now everyone can look like the joker himself with the entire different available for all in different sizes. Joker costume is available in the market and is for all, helping his fans look like him this Halloween.

How Joker came into Existence?

Batman interrupted the heist at the Ace Chemicals plant where the Joker was helping a gang of thieves breaking into it, resulted in the would-be criminal falling into a vat of unidentified chemicals. Washed out of the plant he found out that those unidentified chemicals had disfigured his entire body, giving him chalk-white skin, green-hair and his face, a clown like appearance. Driven insane by this series of events he embraced it, believing that the greatest joke of all is that humanity is only "one bad day" away from total insanity.

Joker Costume for Adults

Joker has been our favorite antagonist in the entire Arkham Universe. We all admire him for his overwhelming style and looks and the way he uses traps to defeat and take down his enemies. Now everyone can wear the looks of this character and be like him this Halloween. Joker Costume is available for Adults. Men, women and people in their late teens can wear the looks of Joker. The legendary purple coat, green wig, and green coloring dye and royal purple glove are available in the market.