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Drax the Destroyer Costumes

Drax the Destroyer Costume brings the look from the Guardians of the Galaxy to you. This printed jumpsuit features Drax’s muscular chest with red details, mask, and black pant. Get the latest offer by using Coupon Code: FB10 Buy now!

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Drax the Destroyer, the strong and massive character with the vengeance for Thanos on his mind is one of the guardians of the galaxy. Although there are lots of variations in the portrayal of Drax’s character in comics and “Guardians of Galaxy” movies, fans accepted both versions with open hearts. In movies, we see Drax the destroyer as a huge gray-skinned alien with dragon tattoos all over his body. Drax seeks revenge with Ronan for killing his wife and daughter but later when he discovers that it was Thanos who gave orders to Ronan, he gets fueled by the desire to kill Thanos. You can find Thanos Costumes and accessories in a variety of different sizes at our store. You might not expect it but Drax the destroyer does have a secret fan following. If you are one of his fans and want to pose as Drax for some special event then we have good news for you. At Costumesjoy, we provide Drax costumes in all the sizes.

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Drax does not just have extraordinary fighting skills but also a good sense of humor. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t even mean to be funny but he is. Drax has fans from all the age groups. If you love Drax as much as we do, you can dress as Drax the destroyer for comic con, Halloween or some costume party. At Costumesjoy, we offer Drax costumes and Drax masks at affordable prices. However, there is a tiny issue, if you just wear Drax the destroyer costume which is a T-shirt with dragon tattoos printed on it, people might not recognize your look. So, it is important that you wear Drax head mask too for authentic Drax vibes. Don't forget to go for Nebula Costume when looking for Drax. They are just amazing. Drax the destroyer costumes

Super economical Drax Halloween costume

Halloween is difficult for Marvel fans because there are so many choices when it comes to deciding the Halloween look. There are so many famous Marvel superhero costumes like Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, etc. but if you are on a tight budget then I have an amazing idea for you. Be Drax the destroyer this Halloween. Other superhero costumes are quite expensive and then you also need to purchase several accessories with the costume. Whereas to pose as Drax, you just need to buy a Drax costume and mask. I assume you have black trousers, so that expense is saved. Amazing idea, right? Buy cheap Gamora costume for adults as well as kids at Costumesjoy. At Costumesjoy we offer premium quality Drax cosplay and super fast delivery. You will get discounts on each product at our online store. Use coupon code FB10 for latest offers. Shop today for attractive deals!