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Buy Gambit Cosplay Online

Now play with cards and be the Ultimate Gambit with or a wide variety of Gambit Cosplay Costumes and other accessories like a complete leather coat, leather gloves, headband, and shoes and show off your skills this Halloween at 40% discount.

Be Hold the Powerful Gambit

Gambit comes from a subspecies called as mutants. He has the ability to mentally create, control, and manipulate his kinetic energy to his desire. He is also quite knowledgeable and skilled in card-throwing, hand-to-hand combat, and a staff he uses as the weapon. Gambit is known to charge playing cards and other objects with kinetic energy, using them as explosive projectiles.

This character is quite awesome and appeared in X Men movie where he assisted Logan the Wolverine head to the secret lab on an island where other mutants were held captive.

Show your Telekinetic Powers with Gambit Costume

Thinking of having an entirely different look this Halloween? What about having the ultimate Gambit look? Check out the Gambit Costume at costumejoy. Now get you Gambit Costume and look like him. Show off your card skills in public and get all the attention you want.


Gambit Costume comes with a wide variety of accessories such as complete set, Shoes, Gloves and Headwear, Trench, Vest, and Pants. The bown leather coat looks super awesome and is definitely protective in winters.

Cheap Unisex Gambit Cosplay

Gambit cosplay is unisex and is available for all including men and women. There can be a female version of Gambit this Halloween. Made of stretchable spandex material this costume is neither too loose nor too tight. It just fits right.

This costume is designed to keep you warm and protected in winters. This outfit is completely comfortable and affordable as well giving you the look of the very character.


Gambit Cosplay for women is available in combination of yellow and green. It is quite an attractive costume to get your hands on, this Halloween. Gambit Costume for Men is available in pink and brown combination.

Get your Hands On Gambit Accessories

The costume comes with a wide range of Gambit Accessories like gloves, vest, pants, brown wig and shiny silver boots that can transform your entire look and change your personality this Halloween.


Quality of Gambit Mask is of total quality and will not get you itchy. In addition to that, the mask is made of spandex and will enhance your looks when put on. Gambit Staff is the weapon of this very character. Now pose for photo calls or just have fun with your neighbors, you are bound to start a commotion.

The black gloves and brown coat is of high quality and is getting popular day by day. People would love to put on this Gambit Costume and stay in style this Halloween. In addition to the comfort and style, this costume is pretty much affordable and would not make dents in your pockets. Stay stylish, look awesome and be the reason of commotion with Gambit Costume this Halloween.